Saturday, May 27, 2017

Puppies at Play

This is what a puppy Play Group looks like!  All of these pups are less than a year old and full of energy! Marlo and Marley are in front, Henry is in the middle, and Mookie is in back.

These pups started Play Groups at about six months old, which makes them a joy to behold!  Marlo started just days after she was adopted.  All of them are perfect Play Group dogs.  Not a hint of aggression or dominance in this group! It's just never ending fun for all of them!

This is Henry, a baby Vizsla who loves everyone.  Henry is also great on trail walks, where he can go off-leash with the big guys!

This is Murray, Mookie, and Marley.  Murray and Mookie are Wheaten Terriers and the two of them are the very best of friends.  There is something magical about watching dogs become besties!

Here's a close-up of Marley.  Marley is an Australian Labradoodle who just turned one-years-old this week.  Don't you love those eyes?

Everyone is very interested in Henry's bone.  He won't be sharing, though!

Mookie is the baby of the bunch at six months old.  Murray (below) looked just like this when we first got him.  Now the two of them are inseparable!

Here ia Murray with his grown up haircut.  Murray is an absolute love.  I think he and Mookie have bonded because they are the same breed and have similar play styles.  Murray is alo great on Trail Walks.  He is off-leash with the best of them!

Marlo is just a baby, but she's the best little dog!  She plays well with everyone, but she loves being with the puppies most of all!

Henry and Marlo bounding around.  Don't I have the best job in the world?

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