Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mother's Day Dogs

It's kind of tough trying to celebrate Mother's Day a few months after your Mother passed away.  It's hard enough to celebrate Mother's Day when one of your children is in Africa and the other one is in California. What made Mother's Day a great day despite everything was celebrating with Socrates and Lexi.  In a very real sense, they are my kids, too!

Many people may have seen these photos before, but in honor of my Mother's Day, I am displaying them once again.  After all, who could resist these two cuties?

Socrates is my golden boy.  He is my magical, miraculous dog who transformed my universe the first time I saw him.  Socrates was adopted from Mutts4Rescue in Louisiana. An angel called April brought him into my world, and for that gift Tom and I will be forever grateful.

Our little love, Lexi, is a bundle of pure joy.  I defy anyone to watch her for more than a minute without falling in love with her.  She is funny, smart, sweet, and overflowing with kisses and cuddles.  Lexi is from Beaumont, Texas, and we have Cindy and Kate to thank for completing our family so perfectly.  

They both love to run and play the day away, but when they get home they're as good as gold.  We are well and truly blessed!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Nutmeg: A Real Spice Girl!

Now THIS is a stunningly beautiful dog!  Meet Nutmeg, younger sister of Cinnamon, and therefore known as one of the Spice Girls!

Nutmeg is large, friendly, toy-loving, and very happy as long as she doesn't have to share her favorite toy.  Socrates was a bit jealous that she took one of his toys, but not so jealous that he tried to take it back!  

Gemma was thrilled to have another girlfriend to pal around with.  Lexi is a bit too frisky for Gemma's taste, so Gemma chose to pal around with Nutmeg for a while instead.

Nutmeg is the largest dog in our Play Group right now.  She makes a fabulous Packmate, and she is also very good on leash if you have the right leash for her. Otherwise, Nutmeg is strong enough to pull your arm off!  

How could anyone resist that gorgeous grin?  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sox and the Big Stick

Socrates  never misses a chance to play his favorite game of stick chasing, but this time he overestimated his ability to run with a stick so large!

Little Mac seems a bit confused about the rules of the game.  Socrates is just confused about why he can't move with the stick in his mouth.

He is doing his level best to get the game going, but with limited success. He's not exactly racing around the yard!

It's as if they are playing chase in very slow motion.  They are barely reaching the speed of a slow stroll.

It is a conundrum, certainly.  All three dogs are putting their heads together to solve this one!