Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pure Joy!

Something special happens whenever Socrates and Penny get together.  Penny is just a pup, and Socrates becomes a pup again when he's with her!

Heres a close-up of Penny that shows her regal. Anubis-like features.  This is a gorgeous dog!

A close-up of Socrates wearing a big grin because he's playing with Penny!

It is Socrates job to engage the other dogs dogs and keep the energy level way up.  When he's playing with Penny, though, the job is just a game!  Bradley wants to join in on the fun, and its his first day!

We don't have toys around when Penny is here, because she eats them.  But they improvise.  Sticks are always great fun to play with.  Penny looks like she's saying, "Oh No You Don't!  That stick is MINE!"

It's hard to see in the photo, but Penny and Socrates both have the same stick clamped in their mouths.

When the stick breaks, Penny usually chomps up her half and then goes after Socrates piece!

They race around after the same stick for 20 minutes or more!  What fun for these two happy dogs!

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