Friday, June 20, 2014

Heartache Happens When You Fall in Love!

The dog business can be hazardous to your heart.  I fall in love with all my dogs, but Gemma and Mac, my soft-coated Wheaten Terrier pups, were the light of my life.  Here is one-year-old Gemma posing with the flowers.

Little Mac is just six-months-old.  Watching him grow up these past few months has been a joy.  Soft coated Wheaten Terriers get lighter with age, so pretty soon you wouldn't recognize him from this photo.  But right now he is just a big, soft, adorable teddy bear!

Lexi is probably six to nine months older than Gemma, but they were great pals despite the difference in age and size.  Lexi was VERY protective of both Gemma and Mac, and she would get in anybody's face if she thought they were in danger.  They never were, but Lexi didn't trust any other dogs that got too close.  She obviously had no clue that Gemma was three times her size, either!

Here the three of them are taking a break from the hot sun.  Notice that Lexi is being ever so vigilant as she protects the puppies!

Mac is a fast learner.  By the time this photo was taken, he would run to me every time I called him.  My own dogs take their sweet time if there is something more interesting around!  In any case, I sincerely hope Mac and Gemma will soon return to us because I miss them terribly - and I bet they miss us, too!

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