Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sox and the Big Stick

Socrates  never misses a chance to play his favorite game of stick chasing, but this time he overestimated his ability to run with a stick so large!

Little Mac seems a bit confused about the rules of the game.  Socrates is just confused about why he can't move with the stick in his mouth.

He is doing his level best to get the game going, but with limited success. He's not exactly racing around the yard!

It's as if they are playing chase in very slow motion.  They are barely reaching the speed of a slow stroll.

It is a conundrum, certainly.  All three dogs are putting their heads together to solve this one!


  1. I need to come to Massachusetts just to go to the dog park with you. This looks like such fun!

    1. You are more than welcome anytime . . . but this post happened at a play group in my own beautiful back yard!