Friday, April 4, 2014

Terrific Togo!

Togo's owner asked me to take some photos of him in action, but the results were so horrible that I'm embarrassed to show them to her.  I know what the problems are, and I should have said I'd be happy to take photos of Togo some other time.  Yesterday, the lack of a lens filter and the blinding midday sun reflecting off of a bright white dog caused all sorts of problems.  

Togo is a magnificent dog, though, and the photos really don't due him justice.   A big, beautiful, pure white Shepard, Togo LOVES playing fetch. I mean, he REALLY LOVES playing fetch.  I don't think you'll see a photo of Togo without a ball in his mouth.  If you do see him without his ball, you can bet your butt he's chasing after it!

As you can see, Togo is playful and fun-loving. He's also gentle with the smaller dogs, friendly and affectionate towards people, and he seems happy all the time. Also, although you might not see it in this photo, he's soaking wet!

He is drenched because he swam across the pond to get his ball when it was thrown into the water. Boy, this dog can swim! He practically ran across the the surface of the pond in his eagerness to reach the ball, and then he swam like a duck until he caught the ball and then swam all the way back to land. And don't forget - that water was COLD! It was icy, icy cold!  If I do get another shot at photographing Togo, I definitely want to get a picture of that running on water action!

I like this photo because of the mischievousness in Togo's eyes. You can see how much fun he get out of all this running, chasing, and swimming activity.  He's just about grinning with joy - which is exactly what I like to see in a dog.  A dog's happiness is definitely contagious to humankind!  


  1. These are fantastic pix, thank you so much!

    1. You're welcome, but I could do better. We should arrange a time earlier or later in the day. I really would like to get some of that swimming action in a photo!

      BTW, I have the originals printed for you. Next time you see me, I'll let you have them.