Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Puppies!!

These are the cutest Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier pups you could ever imagine!  They are both purebred Wheaten Terriers, and they are both just babies. Gemma (in the back) is only 10 months old.  Mac, her adopted baby brother, is only 5 months old!  They might not look like they are the identical breed to you, but  Wheaten Terrier puppies look very different than the adult dogs, and these two are in different stages of their development towards adulthood.

Gemma and Mac had their first Play Group this morning, and we had a blast!  I admit to having a strong preference for the breed, and of course I can't resist a puppy of any breed - who can?  But much of my admiration and enthusiasm for Wheaten Terriers is due to the fact that my Socrates is a Wheatable, or a mixed breed that contains some Wheaten Terrier in the mix.

You can see a slight resemblance between Socrates and Gemma in this photo, even though Socrates is quite a bit smaller and he doesn't have the pure wheaten colored coat that an adult dog would have.  But the similarities go far beyond looks.  Socrates has a lot of personality traits that are wheaten-like.  He loves people and never met a stranger he didn't didn't want to kiss.  He is happy, bouncy, exuberant, and affectionate - all Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier traits.  Socrates and Gemma got along famously all day!

The most important thing about our first Puppy Play Group was that everyone enjoyed themselves, despite the pups inexperience in dog to dog socialization.  They are still young enough to adapt easily to new experiences.
Mac had an especially good time chasing after everyone, but it was clearly Lexi he favored.  She was not inclined to get romantic with him, if you know what I mean, but she let him know her boundaries and all was well between them after that.

This was a particularly funny moment.  All three dogs are riveted to the sight and sound of a helicopter flying over the yard.  I imagine it was there because of the Boston Marathon being run just a mile or two away from us, but it was clearly an astounding apparition to Gemma, Mac, and Lexi.  

By the time the Play Group was winding down, Gemma was absolutely exhausted.  It was quite an overwhelming change for her to be interacting with strange new dogs and being somewhere strange without a single one of her human family members nearby.  But being physically drained didn't stop her from covering me with kisses when she got home.  I beleive we are all going to become very good friends very soon!

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