Sunday, April 20, 2014

Maybe Babies

Have you ever seen such darling little dogies in your life? These two Maltese mixes are adopted brothers. The older dog is on the right.  He was bitten by a tick three weeks ago and is still having troublesome symptoms. He's trembling and he's limping, which are exactly the symptoms Socrates suffered when he had a tick born illness that required weeks of antibiotics.  He was tested at the vets when they found the tick three weeks ago, but since his symptoms have not improved he was going back to the vet after he tried out his first play group at Frisky Fido.

Poor little guy also gained 5 pounds over the winter - a huge increase for a dog that weighted 9 pounds before winter started.  His owner is thinking that Play Groups and Trail Walks will get him back in shape much faster than his daily leashed walks, and she's absolutely correct.  Getting an overweight dog back into shape is one of the major reasons dog owners contact Frisky Fido.  (His owner is also going back to work, which is another major reason for needing dog walkers and pet sitters). 

This little darling is Bubbles, a two year old Maltese mixed with maybe Shih tzu and/or possibly Tibetan Terrier?  He is an absolutely irresistible little guy, as you can see.  Poor bubbles is also facing a medical trauma in the next week or two; he's getting neutered!

What's really extra wonderful about these two dogs is that they are friendly, confident, and pretty well socialized already.  They love to run and play,as you can see by Bubble's glorious grin in this photo.

Both the Maltese mixes looked amazingly like Buddy, my partner's dog. They were even similar in size.  But Buddy has no Maltese in his mix - as far as I know, anyway!

I was really taken by these two pups, but considering their health issues, a vigorous exercise program might not be in the cards at this time.  I hope they both recover quickly and that they join one of our little groups very soon.  Who wouldn't want to pal around with them, right? :)

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