Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I can't resist puppies - can you?

Here's adorable 5-month old Mac.  Clearly Lexi wants him to play, and clearly he is not a bit interested.

Since Lexi is a year older, she clearly thinks she is the boss of Mac.  

Mac evidently has a whole different idea of who bosses who!

Finally Mac agrees to go for a romp with Lexi.  It may look as if she's won, but I think she's forgotten what being a puppy entails.

A moment of inattention on Mac's part, and  BOOM!  He crashes right into Lexi full force!

Now Mac knows better than to interfere with Lexi when she's taken charge, especially when Lexi stole all the treats with no intention of sharing!  (See the bag in her mouth?)

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