Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meet the Gang!

Meet Buddy and his mom, Maureen.  Maureen is my good friend and partner in the dog business.  Bouncing Buddy is a constant participant in all of Maureen's Trail Walks and he often participates in our Playgroups, as well.  He's adorable, isn't he?

Last week we had a couple of Playgroups with majestic Milo . . .

Beautiful Bella . . .

And sweet baby Betty.

Of course, Buddy was there, too.

Lexi, like all the dogs there, truly loved being with Bella.  Bella is an older dog who was everyone's surrogate mom that day.

And my boy Socrates was present, as usual.  Here Sox is playing with the toy of the day, a sort of stuffed weasel or something with a ball in it's head.  Poor Mr. Weasel didn't survive the day.  He was very popular even in pieces, however!

After massive Milo shredded the toy, he chomped on the ball until I took it from him so he wouldn't choke on it.  He is really a sweetheart, and he gave it up with no problem at all.  But he promptly gave me a raspberry for ruining his fun.

When Milo barked in protest, his mighty roar sent all the other dogs running for cover.  All except Buddy, that is. Somehow Buddy got hold of the ball that used to be a weasel's head, and once he had it, he snarled with enough menace to keep even Milo away!  Way to go, Buddy!

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