Monday, March 3, 2014

Introducing Lexi!

I've posted dozens of photos of Socrates, but we now have TWO Frisky little Fidos at our house.  This is Lexi, my feisty, fast, and definitely frisky little girl dog.  Lexi is a rescue from Houston, Texas.  You can probably see the Jack Russell Terrier in her, and she live up to the breed's reputation of being one of the most active dogs there is.  She's a mixed breed, but she acts like a Jack Russell.  She is friendly, fast, fearless, and funny as hell. I wake up every morning in hysterics as she licks my face frantically; desperately trying to lick inside my mouth! Lexi, like Socrates is a very active dog.  She needs at least two hours of VIGOROUS exercise every day, which is about right for terriers in general.  

Lucky for us, Lexi and Socrates get along extremely well, and they both live to run, jump, chase, and play.  Since their lives are so full and active, we have two very calm and composed dogs at home every evening.  They are both exhausted at the end of the day, but an exhausted dog is quiet, content, and trouble-free.  Can you put a price on a peaceful household and a calm dog?

There she goes - smooching me on the lips again!  That's Lexi all over! But I am not complaining; I love these two dogs to death, and I'm lucky that their active lifestyle prevents most of the behavior problems people encounter with hyperactive, terrier-type dogs.  I truly wish that more people were aware that most dogs are not getting enough exercise despite having daily walks around the block. I truly wish that more people understood that most unwanted and destructive dog behavior is easily cured with an hour or so of intense aerobic exercise every day.

These four are running like the wind for the pure joy of it.  And look who is chasing who!  Anyway, that is how I like my dogs; fearless, feisty, and tons of fun.  I can't speak for everyone, but my rescue dogs ROCK!


  1. OH how I love your blog, Susan! (But, Lexi came from Beaumont, TX ... not Houston, TX.) LOL! I figure the people around Framingham would never know where Beaumont, TX is so you changed it to Houston. Houston, TX is "big city." Lexi is more of a small-town country girl. Hahaha!

    I love your LOVE for dogs, Susan. Lexi and Socrates have the best mother anywhere. My dogs watch me smiling at the computer when I read your posts on facebook or read your blog ... and if I am not careful they will be packing their bags to move to Framingham.

    My best to you, always,


    1. Thank you. Cindy! But i can't claim to be the best mother: we all love our rescue dogs around here! Almost everyone I know has at least one transplanted baby. (Thank you, RESCUE ROAD TRIPS!) And thank you for Lexi, Cindy. She's so funny and cute and affectionate that everybody wants to take her home!

      We are very lucky to have such perfect dogs. :)