Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fun at the Dog Park

Visiting a dog park can be the high point of your dog's week, and I don't want any negative statements from my last post, Dog Park Play, to scare anyone off going to one.  My friends and I went to the dog park at Callahan State Park today, and everyone had an absolutely wonderful time.  Little Lexi is without a doubt the social butterfly of the group.  Here she is with one of the many new friends she played with today, and you can easily tell her new pal is having a blast, as well!

These two handsome guys made a big hit with everyone, but Lexi was the playmate of choice. (By the way, the German Shepard isn't sticking his tongue out at anybody. Dogs lick their noses all the time, and if you watch for it you'll see it frequently. They do when they are excited and happy, and they do it when theyre nervous or startled.)

She greets the Shepard politely, but he seems more intrigued by her resemblance to a sheep than he is interested in playing with her.

The German Shepard's companion, on the other hand, is a whole different story!  This good looking dog (who could almost be a mixture of Greyhound, Shepard, and Pointer), took a liking to Lexi right away - and the feeling was mutual!

They started playing right away, completely oblivious to the presence of other dogs like Carolyn's Murphy, who is in the foreground.

Like her brother, Socrates, and like most terriers, Lexi has no clue that she is a small dog. She, too, likes to play with the big boys. And it was quite obvious that these two were just PLAYING at fighting. Neither dog was at all frightened or anxious. They were both having tons of fun!  (Look closely and you'll see some more tongue action here!)

These two are having a great time hanging out together, no question about it. This kind of fun is what going to the dog park is all about!

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