Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Frisky Fido

Cover photo from friskyfido.com

Frisky Fido Framingham

Here in Framingham, Massachusetts, dog owners are lucky to have access to the Dog Park and miles of trails at Callahan State Park.  But it is a rare dog owner who is home all day and able to give their dogs the exercise and socialization they need on a daily basis.  Most dogs need at least an hour of running at full speed or bounding through the snow in order to be healthy and happy.  Different breeds have different needs, of course (my two feisty terriers need two or more hours of vigorous exercise every day to expend their pent up energy!), but an hour a day is about right for the average dog. A walk around the block doesn't cut it, and sitting outside in the yard doesn't come close.

That's why I started Frisky Fido, so that a few more dogs will get to enjoy the pure joy of running and playing hard, even when their owners are at work all day. We offer off-leash play and socialization for small groups of pre-screened dogs in a variety of safe and well supervised outdoor locations.  The benefits for the dogs are too numerous to count, but include unprecedented fun, freedom, and enhanced physical fitness! 
This is my dog, Socrates, and his friend, Jackson, having a blast during a Play Date.  Play Dates are one feature that distinguishes Frisky Fido from your average Dog Walker or "Doggie Daycare".  A Play Date is a small group of compatible dogs who can race and chase to their hearts content in a safe and well supervised fenced-in area.

You couldn't find a better location for dogs to run around until they've exhausted all their energy. We are adjacent to the aqueduct, so there are plenty of trees, and the small hill you see on the left is actually the bottom of a steep drumlin that a human would find hard to climb but dogs simply love. They run up and down the slope after squirrels or chipmunks that burrow underground (if they dare!).

Play Groups are a great introduction to off leash, dog-on-dog socialization.  They are also a perfect solution for dogs that haven't quite learned to come when called.  If a dog has been on a leash all her life because she bolts (I had one of those once!), a Frisky Fido Play Group would be pure heaven! 

Big dogs and small ones are all good candidates for a Frisky Fido Play Group.  Transportation is included, as well as Frisbee, fetch, and football!  If you're in the area and you need your dog exercised, you really can't beat Frisky Fido.  Check us out at friskyfido.com.  You'll be glad you did - and your dog will be ecstatic!  

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